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How to earn Casino Comps

The Truth about Casino Comps Do you want the nicest hotel suites, 5-star restaurants, spas, and shows for absolutely free next time you are in Vegas?  Ever wonder how much someone has to spend to get this kind of stuff?  Well, unfortunately the answer is a lot, but there is good news.  I said spend, […]

Entertain guests with a corporate casino night

A corporate casino night makes sense as a corporate event idea for entertaining out-of-town guests. Corporate event planners are always looking for unique and fun corporate event ideas to entertain out-of-town guests.  A GSH corporate casino night is a popular corporate event idea. There are many reasons why booking a corporate casino theme party for […]

Becoming a Star at Casino Night! Tips for Beginners:

Corporate event planning can be a major burden for some. A lot of people are getting sick of the company bowling night every month because Steve keeps getting in everyone’s face after a strike. About every year, more than 35 million people visit Las Vegas to get their gambling fix. There are many reasons why […]

Ideas for Fundraisers: How to Make Raising Money Fun

Looking for fundraiser ideas? It can be hard to raise money, especially fast. Sometimes it takes one big, memorable event to get all the funds you need to achieve whatever dream it is you are aiming for. Getting exposure is another added benefit of throwing such big events. When you don’t have a lot of […]