What are Casino Carnival Games?

                As the GSH Group’s manager of casino rentals, I field an abundance of questions from party planners that are completely foreign to the casino industry.  However, one question that I repeatedly hear is: “What are casino carnival games?”  When people think about casino games, they generally think of the most popular games, such as […]

21 Reasons for a Casino Event

21 Reasons Why Your Next Party Should Be a Casino Event   1. Casino Events are easy to Plan! We are flexible when planning your casino event. We can bring our tables into any space at any time. We are easy to work with and capable of making any changes on the fly. 2. Customize the […]

5 Essential Tips to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Oftentimes, people will tell you, “It’s the easiest game to win at!” But we all know that gambling is just that—gambling. However, Blackjack is a game where, if played correctly, you can minimize the house edge to just 0.5%. Below are a few […]

A Casino Night party Can Increase Your Skills

When you hold a Casino Night party, you and your guests will have fun, network, team build, and create memories.  Additionally, a Casino Night party can enhance your gaming skills for those times when you gamble in a real casino for actual money (Rivers or Horseshoe, anyone?).  Following are three benefits of a Casino-Themed Party […]

GSH Casino Parties vs. Casino’s

Professional Poker Player’s Business Takes on Casinos GSH Casino Parties conducts custom casino-themed parties to entertain guests and teach them how to make their money last longer in a casino. Des Plaines, IL – Girard Hendelman of Des Plaines, owner of GSH Casino Parties, folded his final professional poker hand in 2013.  In January of […]

How to earn Casino Comps

The Truth about Casino Comps Do you want the nicest hotel suites, 5-star restaurants, spas, and shows for absolutely free next time you are in Vegas?  Ever wonder how much someone has to spend to get this kind of stuff?  Well, unfortunately the answer is a lot, but there is good news.  I said spend, […]

November 2015 Events Recap

Out of eight GSH Group events in November, one was a corporate event, two were poker nights, three were birthday parties, and one was a wedding reception!   Lynfred Winery (Roselle location) held a member appreciation night with wine, cheese and a few hours of gambling at the tables.  Girard Hendelman sat in on a […]

Craps Instructions, Steps 7 – 8

Welcome to Steps 7 & 8 on How to Play Craps. These steps will explain the “Come” bet and the “Don’t Pass Bar.” Step 7 A Come bet is simply making an additional bet once the point has already been established. For example, let’s say the point is on Number 6.  If you put your […]