Make Your next On Site-Convention Memorable

On-Site Convention Entertainment On-site convention entertainment is ideal for entertaining conventioneers. If you are looking to schedule fun convention entertainment, on-site entertainment may fit the bill and a Casino Party night at the convention venue may be the perfect answer. No matter where your convention is held—in a small or rural area with few entertainment […]

Conference Entertainment

Throw a Casino Party             The solution to conference entertainment is a Casino Party at a special venue. While it is important to keep conference participants safe, they also need to be entertained after a long day of meetings and workshops. Rather than have them search out entertainment on their own  or visit places of interest […]

Employee Appreciation

Is your business success a result of luck? Is employee appreciation part of your business plan?  Even if you have had good luck, it will only get you so far.  A dedicated and skilled workforce is what makes a business or organization successful. Want to show employee appreciation?  A Casino Theme employee appreciation event is […]

Birthday Party Ideas

Casino Themed Birthday Party Ideas Are you considering some unique birthday party ideas for yourself, your best friend, or your significant other for a special birthday?  Whether it will be a 21st, 40th, 50th, or 90th birthday, a Casino Theme Birthday party can help make that special birthday even more memorable. A Birthday party with […]

Use a casino party to reward your employees

Employee Recognition Happy employees are vital to the long-term success of every company.  Rewarding your employees when they reach a defined goal gives them purpose and shows that you value their work.  The more time team members can spend with one another outside the workplace the more camaraderie and morale is enhanced.  A unique and […]

Casino Theme Birthday Party

Looking for a fun, new, or unique birthday party idea?  Why not try a Casino Theme Birthday Party?  Contrary to popular belief, a Casino Theme Birthday Party does not involve real money, is not difficult to pull off, and at a per-person cost it is not very expensive.  Below are five tips on how to […]

How to throw an Awesome Poker Party

Picture this:  It is Friday night and you are having your buddies over for a poker night. How hard can that be?  If you want to do it right, then you need to read the four tips below on how to throw an awesome poker party. 1.) Poker table: Poker tables come in all shapes […]

Fundraising Ideas

Fun Facts about Fundraising 10% of all annual giving occurs on the last 3 days of the year — Tax deduction anyone? 64% of millennials prefer to fund raise through walk, run, or cycling events — Fit, active, fun… and for a good cause! 64% of donations are made by women — not surprised by […]

Top Ten Things Casino Party Dealers Hear at Casino Events

We are proud to have the best casino party dealer staff in the industry!  This didn’t happen by chance; it was a well thought-out process.  Mike and I believe that the key to successful events is having a high-energy, knowledgeable, and entertaining staff.  We have invested time and resources in training all of our casino […]

Casino Theme Holiday Party

Tired of the same old, boring company holiday party?  Are you and your colleagues looking for a fun, unique, and memorable Holiday Party?  If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then a GSH Group Casino Theme Holiday Party is right for you!  Casino Theme Holiday Parties are great for companies of all sizes.  […]