No More Boring Corporate Parties: Casino Nights to the Rescue!

Summer is finally here and it’s time to start organizing all your major plans for this year. If you’re sick of having boring work parties and really want to mix it up this year, you should start brainstorming some fun corporate event ideas. Fundraising events, for example, can be a lot of fun if planned […]

3 Reasons to Plan a Corporate Casino Night for Your Employees

In the past, the term company party evoked dread. Another Christmas party where nobody felt comfortable drinking around each other (and the one guy who felt a little too comfortable drinking), another awkward company dinner where everyone is too afraid to order the steak after the CEO ordered the burger, and the annoying part of […]

Employee Appreciation

Is your business success a result of luck? Is employee appreciation part of your business plan?  Even if you have had good luck, it will only get you so far.  A dedicated and skilled workforce is what makes a business or organization successful. Want to show employee appreciation?  A Casino Theme employee appreciation event is […]

Use a casino party to reward your employees

Employee Recognition Happy employees are vital to the long-term success of every company.  Rewarding your employees when they reach a defined goal gives them purpose and shows that you value their work.  The more time team members can spend with one another outside the workplace the more camaraderie and morale is enhanced.  A unique and […]

How a Casino Night Can Improve Company Morale

It’s important for employees to feel comfortable at the workplace. Not every office is like The Office, with a Michael Scott running around putting employees in the most awkward situations imaginable. Luckily, and hopefully, office managers care a little bit more about the wellbeing of employees. One of the easiest ways to improve company morale […]

Casino Theme Holiday Party

Tired of the same old, boring company holiday party?  Are you and your colleagues looking for a fun, unique, and memorable Holiday Party?  If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, then a GSH Group Casino Theme Holiday Party is right for you!  Casino Theme Holiday Parties are great for companies of all sizes.  […]

Want to Have an Awesome Party? Here are 5 Great Casino Night Ideas

There are more than 1,500 casinos in the U.S. and over 10 million people play poker inside casinos every year. Casinos aren’t for everyone, however. They can be some of the most intimidating places in the world. The amount of money flowing through casinos on any given night is unfathomable to some people and that […]

Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate Holiday Party- Casino Theme With warm weather across the country most people probably aren’t thinking about the end of the year corporate holiday party.  However, if you are on the planning committee you should absolutely be getting to work.  It doesn’t matter if you do a casino-theme holiday party or not, you should start […]

3 Reasons Your Next Company Party Should Be Themed

There are 1,511 casinos in the U.S., and every year more than 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas. Why? Because of the thrill, the excitement, and the fun. Plus, people love the games — about 40 million people play poker regularly. Chances are that you and most of the people you work with don’t get […]

How To Get People To Come To Your Office Party This Year

Looking for corporate event ideas mixing work and play? Want to organize an office party or fundraiser that people will actually look forward to attending? No, it’s not impossible. You just have to think outside the boring, office party box, so to speak. There aren’t many corporate event ideas mixing work and play, but a […]